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About Us


About Us

The Masonry Advisory Council created this website as a Chicagoland Resource Guide to provide you with professional masonry contacts and access to quality companies that serve Architects, Structural Engineers, Contractors, Building Officials, and the General Public in Chicago, Suburbs, and NW Indiana.

The BUILDWITHMASONRY.COM website showcases our many qualified, and quality-minded industry partners that manufacture, distribute, and sell masonry products in the Chicago area. The companies represented here are leaders in the industry and bring you the very best in new products and services.

BUILDWITHMASONRY.com is providing you with this list of skilled  Union Mason Contractors that are expertly trained to bring your architectural designs to life. Union Mason Contractors have the expertise and craftsmanship required for successful building construction and long lasting building performance. 

How We Help You.

Let us review your architectural drawings. Our structural engineering team can show you how to best include masonry in your structural and aesthetic building designs. Our experienced structural engineers and mason contractors provide you with professional advice and can answer your questions before, during, and after construction.

We also provide numerous educational opportunities to industry professionals such as Lunch and Learns, Webinars, and Industry Seminars that you can attend to learn more about new construction options, industry trends, restoration tips, and advanced techniques for the construction of masonry buildings. Our Technical Library includes many articles that provide structural engineering insight, masonry education, restoration and problem solving, and design suggestions to meet your construction goals. 

Our continuing education courses and technical support are COMPLIMENTARY to Licensed Architects, Structural Engineers, Builders, Contractors, Designers, Developers, and Restorers of masonry buildings.

We also provide free Masonry Technical Phone Support to the general public.


about us

The Masonry Advisory Council is a website dedicated to Industry Professionals to support masonry continuing education, ASK AN EXPERT technical support, the Masonry Cost Guide, and the Excellence in Masonry Awards competition in Chicagoland and the NW Indiana area.



This website is managed by the Masonry Advisory Council. If you have a question about our organization or would like to become a sponsor supplier, let us know! Call us at 847-297-6704 for more information, or Contact Us by email.

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